Holiday cottages, gites and villas in the Vendee, west coast of France.

Security of booking

Book with confidence with an established company, with vetted properties, clear terms and secure card payment.

In response to the recent reports in the press concerning the security of bookings for rental properties, and pressure from the large rental websites to push clients into their on-line booking systems, we can reassure you on this point.

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1. An established company with a long track-record.
We are a French company, established in 1998, and have been working in holiday rentals in France for over 20 years. Our website exists since 2000.

2. Trusted owners and properties that we know.
The properties presented on our website have been visited by us and we know them well. We have full confidence in the property owners, most of which have been working with us for many years. You have the advantage of our full knowledge of the accommodation and the surrounding area and we will give complete and honest answers to any questions that you may have. Where we show a property that is offered by an agency or management company, this is still subject to our confidence and visits to the properties.

3. Without the additional commisions that you pay with "on-line booking".
In order to reduce our margins and offer the best value for money for our clients we don't normally participate in the "on-line" booking systems proposed on some of the major holiday rental websites. A careful examination of these systems usually shows that the "guarantee" offered to the client is in reality rarely applicable... The client inevitably pays more, in that the owner or agent inflates the price to cover the commission of the on-line booking service and the site also adds a "service charge" on top at the check-out. In addition, one often finds that these systems are used without any formal rental contract being established, or with just some very basic terms, poorly explained, giving a false sense of security. Note that with us you will have a clear and precise rental contract and terms that you can examine before making your reservation.

4. Secure card payment through a normal high street bank, or by transfer if you prefer.
When you pay by card with the method used is the same as in a high street shop in France, using a normal payment terminal within the French banking system (with the Crédit Mutuel bank). This is therefore fully secure and you will get the same payment conditions as any other purchase that you may make in France, in terms of the exchange rate and any transaction charges that your bank may apply. Your card will provide your usual purchase guarantee. If you prefer, you can pay by bank transfer. Where we show a property that is offered by an agency or management company, they will have a similar secure system.

It makes sense to take advantage of dealing with real people, rather than an anonymous automated booking system. Don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your choice of holiday property or the rentals terms :
0033 682 45 16 82